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Class Types

Back to Basics 

Main focus on setting the foundation of fundamental yoga postures. Detailed alignment cues will be given and taken at a slower pace making this class ideal for beginners to begin their practice or even seasoned practitioners who want to revisit the beginning.

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Be in the Flow 

Picking up the pace on moving through poses focusing on using the breath to guide the body through those movements. This class will guide you into a flow state of just being with your breath.

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Be Powerful


Build complexity to the basic poses. Refinements on alignment, level up with complexity or even explore some inversion. This class will challenge you just enough to take you further on your yoga journey.

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Be in the moment

A moment for you to just Be - with your breath & your body. A slower practice with longer holds of passive poses giving your body the time to release and your mind to unwind. This Yin class will leave you feeling restored from the inside-out.

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HIIT the Beat

This high intensity interval training is incorporated with a yoga sequence giving you a low impact session designed to strengthen your cardiovascular system and burn those calories.

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Animal Flow Intro

Animal Flow is a ground based, bodyweight movement system designed to improve a range of skills including speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and stability. To practice, you flow from one position to another, opening up the body and using stabilizing muscles.

In this introduction class we will be exploring the fundamentals of Animal Flow (like Activations, Travel Forms, Switches) and creating your first Flow.

Training will be conducted on Eva Foam Soft mats
No prerequisite required.

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Inside Flow 

A vinyasa flow based practice incorporated with music. The beat of the music, which can vary from slow to fast, will guide the pace of the breath which will in turn guide the movements of the body. A unique experience with the intention of connecting the physical practice to the emotions by embracing the sentiment of the song. Little alignment cues will be given but each class will be guided enough for everyone to learn the sequence. Focusing on the lyrics and the beat of the music to connect to themselves from the inside out. Singing a song with your body through your movements.

Basics & Bi-lingual options available.

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Arrange exclusive sessions with your friends or colleagues in the privacy and convenience of your own space. Email us at to find out more.

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